One of the metric I like to monitor in Google Analytics is segmenting the keywords user searched to enter the site, sort the data by visits, and break it down by pages per visit.

This is a great view to show what keywords visitors are using to come to the site and understand which keywords generate traffic. Additionally, the pages per visit will show you if your content provided to those visitors who used the keywords to enter the site, generated interests to view other pages.

Following image shows the output from one of the site I personally manage.
Keywords Report Google Analytics

For Example
Let’s say visitors that came to the site with a phrase “Visitor Behavior by Keyword”, and it was the most popular keyword yielding 1,000 visits. However, if the pages per visit was only 1 page, that is not really a good result, especially if the site is encouraging visitors to read various contents.

Then you might want to use this as a starting point to observe what the entry pages are for this phrase, and evaluate the bounce rate on the entry pages. With this analysis, you might come to learn the issues on those landing pages causing visitors to bounce.

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