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Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels Report


Here three reports that are very interesting within Google Analytics which gives great visibility around multi-channel funnels reflecting various path website visitors take.

  • Multi-Channel Funnels > Top Conversion Paths
  • Multi-Channel Funnels > Assisted Conversions
  • Attribution

In my view, Top Conversion Paths and Assisted Conversions under multi-channel funnels reports are interesting.

I will focus the on the multi-channel report for this post. It is pretty revolutionary as many data analysts always wanted this type of data to understand how much marketing channels or traffic sources actually contribute to sales.

A lot of these type of digital channels may not directly close sales, but could assist sales. So getting that data visibility is really awesome!

The multi-channel funnel report allows marketers to understand the popular combinations of paths users took within digital channels to arrive at your tracked website. It is pretty cool because you can filter the channels by medium, keywords, custom group sets, etc.

Are the ads driving top of the funnel traffic or attributing to last touch conversion

This report shows you that certain channel like Referral and Display Ads are more likely to assist another channel in sealing the deal.  In other words, if you’re tracking last touch attribution only channel like Display Ad where you are spending money may not be getting the credit it deserves.

This is a great report that tells you if you have any reporting attribution issues.

Deep analysis around conversion segments.

As you may now, your site may be all about to drive sales, and it could have email registration or some kind of feature to drive leads. How does the user’s channel paths differ when the first interaction is Email or when Email is the last interaction?

If you know the leads you bring into promotional programs are likely to convert more and buy repeatedly, then it is worth exploring to see if there are any marketing opportunities to help consumers go down the marketing funnel.

Top Conversion Path Report

This is another powerful report to check.  In this example, I searched for any path that includes ‘Display’ Ads as their path to conversion.

What is interesting is that the top path that includes Display in their touch points show Display channel are likely to be either in the first touch or within the middle prior to the last touch channel that is not a Display Ad.

This is a great data that all paid media manager should be checking out.

Time lag report

One of the reports has the capability to understand the time difference (in days) between the channel path. If there are any opportunities you can intercept with an ad to close the sales, then I’m sure this report can give you that hint about the best timing to shoot and ad to make those days shorter.

Same goes with the path, if any channel segments are closing the sales in shorter path length, then it is probably worth diving into the data to see what is actually closing it.

Sample Time Lag report with segments applied.

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