KPIs for web analytics that matters most to the non e-commerce sites
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KPIs for web analytics that matters most to the non e-commerce sites

KPIs for web analytics that matters most to the non e-commerce sites
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Normally, the web analytics knowledge base mainly concentrates on KPIs.(Key Performance indicators) for e-commerce sites. It is primarily concerned with the orders, conversion rates, transactions, and revenue for e-commerce sites. None-commerce sites are generally outlooked in the more prominent world of e-commerce websites. For all the none-commerce website owners, here are some KPIs concerned with none-commerce websites.

Before going into detail, let us consider the definition of none-commerce websites. They are either lead generation sites or pure content sites, where visitors come for the sake of consuming content, and they leave without any business transactions. It can be a technical support site, a blog, a site full of white papers, a social networking site, or a brand website.

Here there is a pack of contents, and still, there is no online outcome, which the e-commerce sites are looking for. So now, let us look into the major KPIs that satisfy the executive managers of a none e-commerce website.

Visitor loyalty

It is defined as the frequency of visits to your website for a specific period. You will get the data for the average visits per visitor. To increase visitor loyalty for your site, set a target of a particular number of visitors that you should achieve over a specific period and analyze the trends of your progress towards the goal set by you.

Compare your performance over the period and ensure that you progress in achieving the predefined percentage of web traffic. In addition, it will help you know about the characteristics of your visitors. You should update your website frequently depending upon web analytics for increased web traffic.


It is the number of repeated visits to your website—the more recent visitors visit your site from the prior visit, the better. So, for example, if you have set the target of the recency of visits KPIs to be one day ago, it means that you want visitors to visit your site every day to enjoy the so-called valuable content on your site.

It is the normal set target for a site that is non-transactional. Here you will become more advantageous of the repeat visits. This will help you to know whether your site is performing well or not. If your web analytics data shows that 80% of the audience consists of new visits, it is time to improvise upon your site content, hook, and design. If you create incentives for repeated visitors, you can surely enjoy success and measure your success through web analytics.

The length of visit

It refers to the quality of visits during a reporting period depending on how long each visit lasts. It is the most common and the most prominent KPI used in none e-commerce sites. If by analyzing your web analytics report, you get a clear picture of the distribution of this KPI, then it is easier to proceed further.

Suppose your site could increase this KPI if you make them stay on your website for one minute long, then take measures to convert more visits into a successful one by engaging your customers.

Give importance to the visitor's satisfaction, and they will stay with you for a long period and even until eternity. Identify your own goals and measure this KPI for success.

The depth of visit

It is mainly concerned with the number of pages consumed by your visitor in the reporting period. It is important to note that most websites are now web pages and not a single page. Therefore, it is more powerful than the average page views per visitor. It helps us to have a broad picture of our customer experience. Here also it helps to improve our goals and measure success.

Conversions (e.g., Site Registrations, Viewed Contact Us, Survey Participation)

Conversions may not ring the bell for those running any e-commerce sites. Still, you may have a registrations page for users to receive newsletters, contact forms to contact the site owner, or surveys to ask your users important questions that matter to you.

These practical actions that you may want your users to take are conversions, and it is highly recommended to tweak your analytics tools to measure these conversions and monitor its drop-offs through funnels.

Thus, these are the important KPIs to be noted in a none e-commerce site. If you give importance to them, you could dream of success and experience it. Here are a few recommendations for the actions taken according to your web analytics data obtained

  • Positively work with your goals measured against these KPIs.
  • Segment the data. It will give you the key insights into how to drive the web traffic on your site. Find out the keywords that drive the valuable traffic segment to your website.
  • Find out the most important acquisition sources for visitor loyalty and length of visit. Analyze the nature of content people with long visits consume. By this type of segmentation, you can reach your destination, i.e., the measures for improvement.

All these valuable KPIs will help you increase the quality of traffic to your site and make it a better-performing website with an increased number of loyal visitors.

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