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Are remote work job listings still growing in 2021?


According to LinkedIn's Economic Graph team, on May 20, 2021, the percentage of job postings on LinkedIn that offer "remote work" went up 357% from the year before.

The chart below shows industries where people can do their work from home and how many work from home are in that industry.

Media and communications lead the way, with 26.8% of all jobs. There is also a lot of remote work in the information technology industry, accounting for 9.7% of all listings across industries, up from 2% last year.


In some industries, not many people work from home. These jobs are in consumer goods, manufacturing, design, transportation, and logistics. For example, less than 2% of people work from home in travel and recreation jobs.

Remote jobs represent only 9.7% of paid job listings on LinkedIn. But in May, they attracted 20.5% of job views and 24.4% of job applications.

The benefits of working remotely seem endless - increased productivity, a better quality of life, less stress on commutes, etc. But like anything else in this world, there is a flip side. There's also evidence suggesting that it can be difficult for employees to feel connected or engaged with their company culture without strong leadership at the top.

It appears that remote jobs are here to stay. Unlike the remote work situation pre-pandemic, more companies are adopting remote jobs, and more people are exploring working from home.

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