Only 42% of Marketing Technology Stack Are Utilized


Gartner Survey Finds Marketers Utilize Just 42% of Their Martech Stack Capabilities

Gartner surveyed 324 marketers in May and June 2022 to determine the state of marketing technology acquisition, adoption and use.

CMOs reported allocating a quarter of their entire marketing expense budgets to marketing technologies in 2022.

Despite turbulent budgets in previous years and current economic headwinds, tech investments are a priority for CMOs. They need to show that these investments provide good value, which is becoming increasingly difficult due to changes in how customers behave.

In fact, only 42% of the marketing technology stack is currently being utilized, according to the survey.

Gartner Survey Finds Marketers Utilize Just 42% of Their Martech Stack Capabilities
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CMOs are expecting their organizations to increase their use of marketing technology in the next 12 months.

Here are possible reasons why marketing technologies are under utilized.

1. Lack of integration with other systems

2. Lack of budget

3. Lack of skilled staff

4. Silos within the organization

5. Technologies not meeting expectations.

CMOs report that their biggest challenge when it comes to increasing utilization is the lack of integration with other systems. With many marketing technologies built with integrations to start with, I personally feel the integration challenges are more so with cross department integrations.

Other challenges are with the lack of budget, lack of skilled staff, silos within the organization and technologies not meeting expectations.

What makes your marketing technology stack under utilized?

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