US Video Content Consumption


We all know Cable TV is fading out.  So what is the current state of how Americans are consuming content on TV?  Here are two data that shows how Streaming services have taken over Cable TV and Network TV.


Baby boomers are the only generation that watches cable TV in large numbers. But even baby boomers prefer streaming to cable, with 40% spending most of their time watching the video with those digital services.

MAGNA has numbers for 2022 showing continued growth. The amount of money spent on advertising on TV will be $7 billion and increase by 28%.


It is no surprise that the fastest-growing video advertising platform is now CTV. As a result, more ad platforms are immerging to support media buyers buying ad placements on CTV.  It is time for digital marketers to take notice of this trend and start learning.

Here are some of those ad platforms that enable you to buy CTV ads.

  • StackAdapt
  • Mediaocean
  • Brandzooka
  • JamLoop
  • Choozle

What are you marketers doing with CTV advertising today?

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