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Integrating Web Analytics Data with Social Profile Data


One of my goal this year is to integrate web analytics data with social profile data.  Gigya is a service our engineer and I are looking into enabling the service while integrating the social data with web analytics.  

What does this mean?

From an analytics standpoint, it creates additional data visibility that will be very valuable for marketers.

Pretty much all marketers are talking about social media from various and every angle, ranging from how to communicate, tools to listen to online mentions, enabling social plugins on the site, finding brand advocates/influencers, social CRM, etc.

One of the awesome integration that you could do when you sign up with Gigya is pulling user demographic, interests and activity data via API, and place that into custom meta tags for your web analytics solution.  

If the users who opted-in and have their social profile public on let’s say age, then you could see if certain campaign ads reached a particular age group.

That data may be limited at first as the registration database and objects may only reflect a partial segment of your audience.  As your number of sign-on increase over time, the integrated data should increase as well.  

With that integrated data, you could perform segmentation analysis to perform ROI or perform deep dive analysis.

As social Graph API and various API services mature, it’ll definitely create more data visibility that’ll add value for many businesses.

This is one example that will link marketing programs with site behavior, and social profile.

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